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By Gamer, January 27, 2011 6 Play Station

Kratos then learns that the Pandora’s Box is the key to his quest; he then begins his quest to find the key to opening Pandora’s Box & finally learns that Pandora herself is the key! & that she alone can… Read More »


By Gamer, January 27, 2011 2 Play Station

…………umm…..I frankly do not know what to say other than, OH…MY…GOD!!! This is ‘THE’ coolest game since….well ever since games was ever created! GOW III has not only delivered on its promises but has shot its fans with such an… Read More »


By Gamer, January 22, 2011 11 Play Station

Introduction Black delivers exactly what its creators hyped out the game to be i.e.: “Gun Porn” with loads of guns, shooting up stuff has never been so much fun. Black is a real stress buster & is the perfect game… Read More »


By Gamer, January 18, 2011 0 Pc Game, Play Station, System Requirements, XBox-360

FIFA 10 is the 17 Edition of Football Games made by EA Sports. Fifa 10 was released on 01 October 2009. FIFA 09 was acclaimed as the best football game released. Fifa 10 was named as FIFA Soccer 10 and released… Read More »

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

By Gamer, January 14, 2011 10 Pc Game, Play Station, XBox-360

Introduction This third person action adventure game has forever changed the action genre and has moved it to a whole new level. Prince of Persia has what it takes to be now known as one of the classics. Prince of… Read More »

Resident Evil 4

By Gamer, January 3, 2011 2 Pc Game, Play Station

Introduction This 3rd person shooter, horror cum survival game has what every aspect that a zombie genre gamer desires: blood, gore, suspense, horror & edge of the seat anticipation. Although not zombies per se, the main enemies are parasitically-controlled humans… Read More »