Best Games of 2010 – A look at the past to see the future II

Best Games of 2010 - Red Dead Redemption

Well, the best games of 2010 were truly extraordinary and we like to keep the best games for last. For in the end, there was no game that could come near “Red Dead Redemption”.

Best Games of 2010 – Red Dead Redemption – The Ultimate

Best Games of 2010 - Red Dead RedemptionThere is no better way to round off this list of the best games of 2010 than with the bad boys extraordinaire, Rockstar Games. RG has constantly provided gamers with a series of controversial yet highly successful games such as Bully and the Grand Theft Auto franchise. RG has launched in 2010 yet another epic action series set in the Western Era, Red Dead Redemption, and the game ordering nexium includes classic gun fights and encounters with gunslingers from different towns. Red Dead Redemption is an easy choice for any gamer to pick up for his library.

 Best games of 2010 – 2010 paid the foundation for 2011.

Well, 2010 was a time for games filled with fun, excitement and a touch of adventure. The graphics really saw a makeover and with the difference so stark between the years gone by, it heralded an unprecedented response from players. It rocked, 2010 was better as the year was ending, and now, with the best games of 2011 coming to an end, it’s time to look at the Best Games of 2011.


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