Best Games of 2010 – A look at the past to see the future I

Best games of 2010 V/s Best games of 2011 add a bit of the most anticipated games of 2011and what do get? The most anticipated, high selling, classic games on PS3, we have the ultimate 2010 V/s 2011 scenario! PS3, the gamer’s reincarnation of Santa Claus always gets the very best of goodies, 2010 was full of blockbusters and great delights and the awesome streak continues in 2011 as well, at game34, we understand the importance of having a game blog and hence, here are the very best of the games to have been launched in 2010 and the most anticipated games of 2011.

Best Games of 2010 – The list

God of War III

Best Games of 2010 - God of War IIIWe had all been waiting for this bad ass M*****F***** (pardon the French). Kratos fans were eagerly awaiting for this next installment of God of War wherein he seeks revenge on the Gods of Olympus and brings them ALL to his knees. This game did not disappoint! With the developers at the Sony Computer Entertainment Studios in Santa Monica having pushed the console to its graphical boundaries with superb sound and graphics, this EPIC game is easily tops the best games of 2010 list.

Heavy Rain

 A psychological thriller, Heavy Rain offers a first when it comes to game play. An open ended story line, the player is faced with situations wherein; every decision taken has consequences. The graphics are as realistic as they come with facial expressions set in great detail. One of the most anticipated games of 2011, Heavy Rain is set to revolutionize the way gamers think. With its promise of an open storyline and intense emotional gameplay, Heavy Rain is definitely set to become one of the best games of 2011 for PS3


Darksiders is an action game where players control “WAR”, one of the four horsemen set to avenge the forces that betrayed him andBest games of 2010 - darksiders sent him down to an apocalyptic buy nexium us Earth, and stripped him of his powers. A contender for the best games of 2010, Darksiders brings us to an Epic battle scenario. With a storyline that promises heroic battles between the forces of good and evil, with a mix of biblical and mythical content, Darksiders, with its impressive screenshots looks set to dethrone the God of War franchise as the granddaddy of action adventure games.

Red Dead Redemption

There is no better way to round off this list of the best games of 2010 than with the bad boys extraordinaire, Rockstar Games. RG has constantly provided gamers with a series of controversial yet highly successful games such as Bully and the Grand Theft Auto franchise. RG has launched in 2010 yet another epic action series set in the Western Era, Red Dead Redemption, and the game includes classic gun fights and encounters with gunslingers from different towns. Red Dead Redemption is an easy choice for any gamer to pick up for his library.

Mafia II

best games of 2010 - mafia II The list for the best games of 2010 cannot be complete without the Mafia Franchise. Mafia II the successor to the highly acclaimed Mafia is based on the background of organized crime, racketeering and mob heydays in 1940s-1950s America. Players take on the role of Vito, a petty criminal who dreams of making it big in the underworld of organized crime. Like its forerunner, Mafia II has a tale of backstabbing, bribing and shocking twists and turns that completely immerse the gamers in the mob world.

Best Games of 2010 – Paved way for best games of 2011

the beauty of the games available of PS3 is that they are always better than what we had played the year before! From Mass Effect 3 to Killzone 3, the best games of 2010, paved the way for the best games of 2011 in more ways than one!


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