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PlayStation Vita to be Revived by New Games

By blogadmin, May 30, 2012 0 Play Station

There has been much hype surrounding the release of Sony’s new hand-held gaming console, the PlayStation Vita. There has been a lot of talk about how this console would completely change the gaming experience. However, the sales figures of this… Read More »

Mass Effect 3 – Bioware has done it again

By Gamer, April 12, 2012 0 Pc Game, Play Station, XBox-360

Mass Effect 3 is awesome! In the First part you discovered the Milky Way galaxy, its landmarks and races. You were guided by none other than characters of Tail and Garrus who served as the representatives of their cultures. In the… Read More »

FIFA 12 Game Review

By Gamer, December 5, 2011 0 Gaming, Play Station, XBox-360

We are back with our latest review upon the new FIFA 12 game, launched by EA Sports. As we all know that over the years EA Sports has been bringing up one of the best console games over the past… Read More »

By Gamer, November 21, 2011 0 Play Station

Well, the best games of 2010 were truly extraordinary and we like to keep the best games for last. For in the end, there was no game that could come near “Red Dead Redemption”. Best Games of 2010 – Red… Read More »

By Gamer, October 21, 2011 0 Play Station

Best games of 2010 V/s Best games of 2011 add a bit of the most anticipated games of 2011and what do get? The most anticipated, high selling, classic games on PS3, we have the ultimate 2010 V/s 2011 scenario! PS3,… Read More »

By Gamer, August 16, 2011 0 Play Station

Resistance 3 is a wonderful addition to the PS 3 collection after Infamous and Assassins Creed II. With a backdrop of death and destruction, this action game truly inspires a sense of “Resistance”. Resistance 3 beautifully narrates the story of the hero,… Read More »

By Gamer, July 28, 2011 0 Play Station

Imagine what would it be like to be given super powers and you were infamous..?? Today you are scared to walk out of your house after dark and tomorrow you are sprinting across the roof tops, shooting lightning bolts and… Read More »


By Gamer, April 25, 2011 4 Play Station, XBox-360

Electronic Arts over the years has launched their new versions of FIFA every year and like expected FIFA 11 lives up to its expectations and provides it’s gamers with all new features and an incredible experience leaving a big smiles… Read More »