FIFA 12 Game review for IPad and IPhone

Almost 3 months since the launch of the latest edition of the FIFA series ‘FIFA 12’ on 29th of September 2011 this game is still the talk of the town among all console lovers! All those who have played this game have been abuzz tweeting and posting about their gaming experiences constantly, talking about the exquisite piece of work that the developers at EA Sports have done.

Some of the people are also claiming FIFA 12 to be the sports game of the year. Despite all the advancements in the console version some people still think that brand FIFA hasn’t taken a big step forward. However there is a platform where EA has taken a big leap and that is the portable version.

FIFA 12 Game review for iPhone and the iPad:

Fifa12 game review for ipad and iphoneNow as exciting as he idea may sound about playing Fifa 12 on your iphone and ipad, don’t get your hopes up too much, in comparison to the console version you surely don’t get everything in the portable version. However the portable version of the FIFA 12 (Fifa 12 for iphone and ipad) will surely impress you with the graphical interface that it offers at the first go itself. In case you haven’t signed in to EA origins you will need to Sign in to EA origins to unlock all of the modes and to use all of the features offered in the game. It can be a big turn off for you when you are super excited and ready to play the game and something like this needs to be done before you can play the game.

Fifa 12 for iphone and ipad – the game models:
Coming towards the game modes in this version FIFA 12, EA have come up with mainly 4 modes:

v  Daily Challenge – This mode is just like EA Sports had in the iOS version of the Tiger Woods Golf 2012. There are daily challenges that Fifa12 riview for ipad and iphoneare updated every day. You can participate in these challenges free of cost, you can even go aboard and posts your statistics and scores to the social media websites, share it with the world and at the same cheap nexium 20mg time compete worldwide with scores of other players.

v  Manager Mode: Yes, you read it right. The portable version of the FIFA 12 brings to you a manager mode where you can bend your skills and prove your mettle. Manager mode as always has been one of the most loved feature in any of the FIFA game series and most of the users spend their time in this mode itself by playing Leagues and championships. The developers at EA have hit the Bulls Eye by integrating this feature in the portable version also. You can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a manager of your favorite football club managing the daily affairs, scheduling the training, transfers and at the same time taking part in the games too. The best part of this mode is that the people at EA have managed to put official leagues from all around the world into this version making the manager mode more fun to play. With the addition of official players from the world it doesn’t get better than this.

v  Quick Match: This mode is just like the earlier exhibition mode. You can directly head into this mode when you are looking for a quick match. You can easily select your club and the opponent, select the settings and head on to the field for a quick match of football.

v  FIFA 12: This section basically contains your player settings, career statistics etc. You can also watch and save instant replays during the match in this section which can be re-watched later.

Fifa 12 for iphone and ipad – the commentary is exquisite and you have smooth control!

Coming towards one of the most important aspects in any Sports game is the sound prospect:
The audio of this game is pretty impressive and is certainly a huge advancement from the last year’s quality. Also it won’t be wrong to say that FIFA 12 has the best audio commentary for an EA sports title game launched in 2011. The crowd and the background noise increases the level of excitement while playing a match and is definitely an add-on to the game.

The controls in the game are really good in the iPhone and the iPad for FIFA 12. EA sports have come up with an idea of introducing a Floating Joystick option and the time sensitive buttons which perform more than one function for actions. When you play your first game there would be a tutorial that introduces you to the buttons that are easy to understand and use. The tutorial will guide you through the game upon the use of the buttons and once you are familiar with the controls you are the captain of your ship. EA have come up with a nice idea of having just 3 buttons, these buttons work as offensive buttons when you have the ball with you and automatically becomes a defensive buttons as soon as you lose the ball allowing you to have better control on the play and also saves loads of space on the screen for you to play in the field.

Fifa 12 for iphone and ipad – the graphics are brilliant!

The graphics in this game are amazing considering the iOS platform. Apart from some glitches and pop ups which come in between, the game looks smooth to flow. With great graphics, sound and an amazing manager mode and great control, i guess FIFA 12 is the best sports game for your iPhone or the iPad. With the current price of just $0.99 this game is certainly a bargain & a sure take away.


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