Mass Effect 3 – Bioware has done it again

Mass Effect 3 is awesome! In the First part you discovered the Milky Way galaxy, its landmarks and races. You were guided by none other than characters of Tail and Garrus who served as the representatives of their cultures. In the next part of the Mass Effect series you were surrounded by people. You learned about old friends and went ahead to make some new ones and pulled everyone closer to your heart. However in the third part it won’t be the same.

Mass Effect 3 a successful Launch

Mass Effect 3 - a huge successLaunched on March 6th 2012, Mass Effect 3 was one of the most awaited games of this year. Mass Effect 3 is the concluding part of the epic sci-fi fantasy game Mass Effect Trilogy. The story of Mass Effect 3 lies in the backdrop of the Milky Way Galaxy, with civilizations that are almost “n” numbered. This game includes both organic and synthetic civilizations with the adventures of one human, Commander Shepard. The commander fights a menace that turns up every 50,000 years to clear the slate for life of the Reapers.

Unlike other editions of the Mass Effect trilogy the latest addition of the game leaves Shepard and his allies a bit weaker to combat with the reapers planet-sacking death squads. When you play the game you find out that the Krogans hate the Salarians and Turians because of the Genophage, while the Quarians have waged war with their rogue machines, the Geth, for hundreds of years. Mass Effect 3 sees such conflicts existing almost everywhere. The challenge before Shepard lies in his ability to get all of these races united so that they could fight the reapers as one united front. This represents the galaxy’s only hope in defeating their overwhelmingly powerful adversaries.

Mass Effect 3 does not disappoint!

Mass effect 3 heroically manipulates those personal bonds; in this game you won’t get to make any easy decisions. Each and every decision taken by you will determine how far you go, you will be forced to make difficult choices and consider the good. Good, even when the good isn’t always clear! The story starts up with Earth on fire. Countless alien crafts raining down, wiping out the fortunate few and turning everyone else into enslaved abominations sending a message to the gamer that Mass Effect is Back and this time again with a bigger bang. The story is then fabricated with a discovery of a conspiracy of an epic battle so that the galaxy can be saved. This battle is headed by Commander Shepard (you) who leads from the front.  When you go ahead you will encounter many such situations wherein you have to make choices among the people you loved and the relationships that you made in the last two editions of the Mass Effect. Your task is to fight back, not only for Earth and humanity, but for all galactic races that find themselves simultaneously under siege.As expected the, the galaxy’s problems in this series are greater. Shepard needs to wear his thinking cap while making his decisions; he needs to look at a wider horizon. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard collects war assets and forms a higher buy nexium tablets level of galactic readiness by helping out individuals, militaries, governments and all other races races. These missions play a vital role in shaping up Shepard’s road to success or failure in the end of Mass Effect 3.

The final part sees an improvement in Combat as grenades make their return from the first Mass Effect, and they are less bulky this time around. The most important new gameplay addition till now is Shepard’s new Heavy Melee abilities and close-quarter techniques which are specific to each of the six available classes. Soldier, Sentinel and Infiltrator classes get access to the extremely instinctive and satisfying Omni-Blade while biotic Adepts and Vanguards get a biotic Blast and Punch. Also the introduction of Kinect adds the ability to fire off hands-free commands to your team. It offers responsive functionality without requiring you to shout at your television. All you need to do is to speak out your command and the rest will be taken care by Kinect. However you may face occasional problems with the sound from the game intersecting wuth your command, thus making it tough for the kinect to understand your command. So, whenever you are playing Mass Effect 3 with kinect I would suggest you to use headphones.
Mass Effect 3 is available on PS3, 360, and PC, but you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not play it with imported Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 save data from either the 360 or PC versions (the first game is not available on PS3). The game will prompt you to make a character fresh if you don’t import a save from Mass Effect 2, and will even ask you to make some important choices that will affect the game’s outcome. But without understanding the full gravity of these choices by having played the original two games, Mass Effect 3 will certainly be a shallower, less pleasing and more confusing endeavor. Virtually all of your choices throughout the series, big or small, have an impact on the world of Mass Effect 3. Entire scenes can play out differently depending on who lived or died in previous games, as well as other choices you’ve made. For those new to Mass Effect, playing Mass Effect 1 and 2 before playing Mass Effect 3 would be highly recommended.

A Fantastic conclusion to the Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect 3 is an absolutely amazing game and calling it an epic won’t be wrong. Although there are a few disappointments over the Mass-Effect-3 - A Trilogy well endedending, as well as a couple other minor storytelling gripes, Mass Effect 3 gives more than expected. The addition of multiplayer option and a stunning conclusion to an unprecedentedly personalized trilogy; Mass Effect 3 takes a bow on the trilogy while leaving all of the gamers hungry for more by combining the best from the previous titles. BioWare have delivered what they had promised to the gamers by offering them not only the best game in this trilogy but a contender for game of the year, Mass Effect 3 may have redefined the requirements for a successful trilogy.


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