PlayStation Vita to be Revived by New Games

There has been much hype surrounding the release of Sony’s new hand-held gaming console, the PlayStation Vita. There has been a lot of talk about how this console would completely change the gaming experience. However, the sales figures of this console don’t exactly present a rosy picture for the future of this device. For this console to sustain in the market replete with online games, it requires some special effort for propelling the sales of these console based games. And now it seems, the key to boost the sales of this sophisticated device has been found. The release of two new games, the ‘Gravity Rush’ and ‘Resistance: Burning Skies’ seems to be the answer for raising the sales of this device. It is quite funny or probably weird to see a console suffering in terms of sales figures because of the unavailability of good titles. But this is the stark reality faced by manufacturers of this sophisticated gaming console. So, what are these new titles capable of doing. Let us find more on the topic.

PlayStation Games That Were Badly Needed

The Resistance series developed by Insomniac Games has been made specially for the gaming console PlayStation Vita. This game falls in the category of ‘First-person Shooter’ games i.e. FPS. The control system of the PlayStation Vita is perfectly suited for playing this game. The dual analog sticks of the PlayStation buy nexium esomeprazole magnesium console allows aiming with one stick and moving with the other. The graphics and features of this game are pretty awesome. You can embark onto a single-player campaign or an online campaign with a multiplayer option. The backdrop of 1950s coupled with bloodthirsty aliens to shoot makes Resistance one of the best games for this console.

The ‘Gravity Rush’ game is known for the advanced mechanics. It is much like a sand box game where players can explore the game environment without barriers. The player gets around by means of controlling gravity. You would find the combat part of the game the hardest to master. However, the other controls of the game are perfectly suited for the PlayStation Vita. Both these games would make playing on the PlayStation Vita a nice experience for gamers. In these days of rapid technological developments, there are chances that a particular device remains unused or unpopular because of the lack of thought put in usability. People are going to find a particular console appealing only if there are suitable titles which make the best use of the former.

Therefore, there are many factors which need to be taken into account for a product to be successful. As far as the PlayStation games are concerned the new console Vita would pair well with these new titles and offer a great gaming experience.



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