Some more viral flash games

Flash games have been one of the most loved online pastime games for all of us since their inception.  These games do not require any multiple players logged in. You do not need to buy expensive Play station or an X-box to play these games.

Online Flash Games are extremely popular

After a clear look at why online flash games are so popular, its time i believe to look at some more viral flash games to understand the essence of online gaming. These games are free and widely available on the internet and more importantly, bring out the FUN aspect of online gaming. Flash Games are also included as an entertainment segment on many sites who request customized development of flash games as a pitch for their products or services, or they are there to keep people on the site, are used to collect a sellable database and more.

In this segment I bring to you a review on top 5 flash games that I believe are different from the pack in their game play and targeted audience. These games are not like the common flash games and yet have grown in their appeal making them extremely viral. Many of these are from 2011 stats as we are still in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Viral Flash Game : Hobo 4 total war

Viral Flash Game - Hobo 4 total warThis is a sequel to the earlier released Hobo and the Hobo brawl games. The central character in this game is Hobo, a homeless guy tries to take out his frustration on everyone and lands up in the prison. Escaping from one prison lands him in another, but Hobo is nonplussed, as he is always ready for a disgusting brawl with Prisoners, security guards or the government, he doesn’t care! He’ll fight them all!
The secret weapons of our protagonist is that he’ll spit on his enemies, fart, shit on them ,pick his nose and all kind of gross things that one can imagine apart from punches and kicks. You can make deadly combo’s using all these powers and more locked “special weapons” making this flash game one of the grossest present. It is a game which while playing you’ll make faces but one thing’s for sure that you’ll love playing this game and won’t be leaving it soon.

I believe a simple reason for this flash game to go viral is the special weapons that can be used. Attractive to middle school kids and adults alike, we can do in the flash games things that we believe people in real life deserve. A simple spit in the face will make a toddler laugh away and will bring a vindictive smile on the faces of many adults. The reason why this flash game as gone viral is that it connects with the general public in basic terms

A Different Viral Flash Game – The Space Game

The name of this game may look boring, however, this flash game has been doing the viral rounds for sometime now. It a terrific flash game that involves Strategy. Played deep in the space, you need to defend the Pirates attack on the earth. However, balancing acts between power, defense and mining, and the juggling of resources, makes it very exciting, and makes it a good order nexium contender for a viral flash game. The graphics are awesome and the visualization at its best. So, do not miss the WAR.

Just a suggestion: Do not start playing this flash game at your workplace. You may lose your JOB.

A No Brainer Viral Flash Game – Plumet  2

A sequel to the renowned viral flash game Plumet, Plumet 2 is a pretty massive game build on the original with new characters, new A No Brainer Viral Flash Game - Plumet  2levels and more diverse obstacles. Free falling your way to the depths of the unknown, this flash game has more in store in terms of levels and great background music, making you a part of the protagonist as you “go deep down in the rabbits hole. It is said to be The Game of death, you are running for your life. This makes it more thrilling, breathtaking and full of enjoyment.

The Strategy for this viral flash game is relatively simple, you have to fall as deep as you can without touching the top of the screen. The platforms get moving faster and faster as you play. For every 100 meters you fall a new character gets unlocked who is faster, has better jumping skills etc. To unlock race mode you have to fall 1000 meters deep. This makes it appealing to any player who is looking to kill time, or someone looking for a quick adrenalin boost. Running for your life with time moving against you is a perfect backdrop for any game and this particular flash game has certainly outdone itself in the excitement category!

A Simple Flash Game that’s gone Viral – Toss the turtle

Toss the turtle is an Online Flash Game which has a funny combination: Turtle and Weapons! You possess a canon and must ensure that you cover the maximum distance when you fire it. However, instead of firing the general fire ball, you shoot a turtle. The purpose of the game is to collect as many cash bags possible these cash bags will help you upgrade to a higher level of weapons that can be used to shoot the turtle to the farthest extent possible. You can use the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ keys so as to have control over the turtle mid air. With 3 gunshots, you can increase up your turtle’s distance. You need to collect as much money you can so as to upgrade to higher level of weapons that can be used to shoot the turtle to the farthest extent possible. The barriers coming across the turtle accidentally can also be used as momentum to make the turtle to cover even more distance it can before it dies out.

Although not out done in terms of viral flash games, Toss the Turtle has surely made quite a many heads tilt in laughter as the poor turtle looks dead on each hit!

Viral Flash Games are here to stay!

As long as there is internet, there will be no death to Flash Games. Simply because the entertainment capacity that these games have are beyond what any other entertainment media present and further, it is absolutely free! Flash Games are truly the number one entertainers in the 21st century!


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