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Some more viral flash games

By Gamer, February 27, 2012 0 Flash Games

Flash games have been one of the most loved online pastime games for all of us since their inception.  These games do not require any multiple players logged in. You do not need to buy expensive Play station or an… Read More »

By Gamer, September 15, 2011 0 Flash Games

Flash games are great for some pass time gaming exploits, or better still, they do their part in rejuvenating the mind. Flash Games are relaxing Bored after some heavy gaming or after a hard day’s work, these flash games do… Read More »

By Gamer, August 30, 2011 0 Flash Games

Many a times we find ourselves absolutely bored out of our mind and are in desperate need of killing some time, so we think to ourselves what is free, fast, fun, provides stimulating and challenging game play, the light bulb… Read More »